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We are very pleased with the service and how clean our house is. I would highly recommend Planet Clean to anyone looking for a cleaning service……
-John & Allison
Clients for 16 years

I have used Planet Clean for my home and love the attention to detail. I love the clean house smell they leave behind……
Client for 8 years

We had several cleaning services before finding Planet Clean. Raymond makes sure everything is cleaned on each visit. We are very satisfied……
-Todd & Amanda
Clients for 8 months

It has been a pleasure knowing Raymond. Over the years he has become a family member. We have never been disappointed with his cleaning service……
-Mark & Susan
Clients for 19 years

I trust Planet Clean to take care of my home. I work out of town and always find my house in order when I return. In 12 years I have never had an issue with my house key or the alarm system……
Client for 12 years

Even though we have three small children and our house is always a mess, Planet Clean does a great job! I would recommend them to anyone……
-Bob, Cynthia, Kayla, Myra and Hunter
Clients for 7 years

Planet Clean is very professional, motivated, and needs no direction. Anyone considering a cleaning service would be fortunate to have them……
-Karl & Elizabeth
Clients for 14 years